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Elise & Nic

Ink green and forest green  is considered an elegant and sophisticated color in western culture, so it is a common choice for weddings. In Asian cultures, however, red & Pink is typically the main color for weddings, but more and more couples are now trying out other colors to break from tradition, including different combination of greens. 


Using tall centerpieces is a great way to add height and dimension to your wedding decor. 

Use tall vases or stands to create towering floral arrangements. You can use a variety of flowers and greenery to create a lush and full centerpiece.It creates a more intimate and dramatic setting.

Use tall candlesticks  to create a romantic and elegant centerpiece. You can mix and match different heights and styles to create a unique look. Adding candles in assorted sizes and shapes will give a warm ambience to the decor.


Double arches are a beautiful and unique way to create a dramatic entrance or altar for your wedding ceremony. . We added greenery or small white flowers to the arches for a touch of elegance.

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A simple style wedding backdrop with greenery and floral decor is a beautiful and elegant choice, the key to a beautiful and simple style wedding backdrop is to keep it minimal and elegant. Use a combination of greenery and flowers to create a cohesive and natural look that complements the rest of your wedding decor.

IMG_5339 copy.jpg

Using trees for wedding corridor decorations is a beautiful and natural way to create a romantic and elegant atmosphere. It can add height and dimension to your decor. 


A great lighting system can help set the mood and create a beautiful atmosphere for your wedding, a great lighting system can help elevate your wedding decor and create a beautiful and memorable atmosphere for you and your guests. 

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